The new school year is upon us

The new school year is upon us

The new school year is upon us.

Summer vacation has come to a close for many students. School has started, school buses are on the road, new school supplies have been purchased, routines are becoming more focused on after-school homework time rather than all-day fun and freedom of summer. This does not have to be a bad or miserable thing. In fact, it can be a great thing! A new school year offers a fresh slate, a new chance, and an opportunity to learn new things. Unfortunately, this often means hours of frustrating homework assignments, fighting with your student, and loss of confidence in school. A tutor can help with all those things! I can help with all those things!

Everyone has the ability to learn and succeed, it is important to accept that as a FACT! No one is a doomed student. As a tutor, I work closely with students to get to know them and learn about them as a person, and also I work to learn about how they learn. And I teach HOW THEY LEARN. It shows respect to tutor in the way the student learns. I do my very best to validate and meet the student where they are in their journey in education. School and learning can be fun.

I want to see everyone have an awesome start to the school year. There is NO shame in asking for help from a tutor- in fact, it might boost performance and lift stress, leaving time for fun and new experiences this school year. I also have experience as a student-athlete myself as well as tutoring student-athletes. I understand the needs and demands of the student-athlete and I also understand how it feels to rather be on the field than in the library. A tutor can help a student minimize stress of assignments, which in turn can maximize athletic performance as well as general confidence.

Let's get this school year off on the right foot, and let's not waste any time! Learning can be fun, and it's my job to help you reach your full potential.

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